Digital assets

AMPize offers a graphical interface for managing digital assets already present in your data sources or uploading your own images. Moreover this interface allows you to choose an image for all image fields.

Launching the image library

You can access the image library from 2 locations: "globally" from the burger menu or in an "image field".


Image Field

Launching the library from the menu makes it appear in a page, while launching it from a field makes it appear in a modal.

Using the library

There are two main sections in the library: Search and Import

On the left side nav you can find all your sources which contains images. The first one is "Uploaded" : images that you manually upload thanks to the import. The others are all your data sources containing an image field.

Selecting a source

Once you have a chosen a source, you can then filter and/or sort images from this source to help you find the asset that you need. If you had launched the image library from a field you can then choose the image that you want, while if you had launched it globally you can only consult them.

Moreover, images uploaded can be deleted.


In the import tab you can upload your own images. You just have to drag and drop or select from your compute images that you want to upload and then click on the «Import» button.

Once the upload is finished a green chip appears on each image that has been correctly uploaded. You can now find and select them on the "Uploaded" source.

Note about images

The AMP specification requires each image to have an explicit size. You shouldn't have to manually set the width and height on each image, as Ampize will deduce them automatically for you.