Core Features

Thanks to the joint effort from our great partners, we designed AMPize with and for Publishers.

We believe that building a fast, beautiful and usable web shouldn’t be restricted to the big players with deep enough pockets.

There for, we’ve created a simple, packaged and affordable solution for Publishers everywhere who want to benefit from AMP and PWA technologies.

Plug & Play

Seamless integration of your existing data sources

Built on top of Facebook GraphQL, the powerful data framework of AMPize can handle multiple, complex data sources, such as databases or API's, and combine them into one simple and friendly query interface.

If your data sources are not easily accessible, don't worry. Our Cloud version can scrape and normalize content from your existing website, and keep the AMP version updated in real time.

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Fast & Scalable

Consistenly fast while protecting your infrastructure

Our Cloud Platform relies on the Google AMP Cache to provide a fast-loading user experience, independant of your original data source capacity.

In other words, you can now serve millions of unique visitors from a single MySQL database or even from your Wordpress Blog without any additional infrastructure!

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A true app-like experience combines the benefits of AMP technology with the Progressive Web Apps (PWA) approach, to deliver a traditional app-like, mobile experience.

It allows you to offer advanced features to your visitors, such as offline support and push notification.

Friendly Monetization

Smooth Ads & Smart Paywall integration made easy

Many Publishers are struggling to monetize their content, resulting in aggressive advertising strategies and unfriendly « PayWalls » with complex subscription processes. promotes smooth, respectful advertising experiences and can integrate with your existing paywalls and registration processes.

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Easy Deployement comes to you in two flavours: open-source and cloud


Opensource': "For those who want to get hands-on, the open-source version of AMPize can be installed anywhere and connected to existing databases or API's within hours.

", '

Cloud': 'The Cloud version delivers a complete "AMP as a service" solution with extended features such a crawling, versionning, caching, monetizing, offline support ... and much more!


SEO Booster

Fully featured AMP websites for great discoverability combines a growing library of 30+ core AMP components to deliver a stellar user experience.

These benefits from these components often bring you performance gains including increased traffic, engagement and revenues.

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